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International Patient Networks

Association of Cancer Patients in Finland collaborates with several European and global patient networks.

  • European Cancer Patient Coalition ECPC
  • European Network of Gynaecological Cancer Advocacy Groups ENGAGe
  • International Kidney Cancer Coalition IKCC
  • Lymphoma Coalition Europe LCE
  • Lung Cancer Europe LuCE
  • Melanoma Patient Network Europe MPNE
  • Sarcoma Patients EuroNet SPAEN
  • CLL Advocates Network
  • CML Advocates Network
  • International Myeloma Foundation IMF (GMAN)
  • The International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation IWMF
  • MPN Advocates Network
  • MDS Alliance
  • Myeloma Patients Europe MPE
  • Rare Diseases Europa EURORDIS