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Empowering patient advocates – information and support from international networks

The aim of the project is to develop the operations of the Association of Cancer Patients in Finland (SSP) and strengthen the inclusion of patients by utilising international networks.

The project maps cancer-specific, international patient associations and networks, as well as participates in their activities, e.g. in seminars, online working groups and other events. The aim is to include active patients from SSP’s networks in international activities, as well as further bring new ideas, information and good practice from international networks for the support of cancer patients and SSP’s operations. This is particularly important in case of rare forms of cancer, where patients in Finland do not receive sufficient peer support or information concerning their illness.

News and information about events are shared on this website as well as in the Facebook groups of cancer-specific patient networks.

Promotion of patients’ interests concerning medication plays an important role in the project, which we aim to develop by e.g. Participating in the European Patients’ Academy’s EUPATI training and making information concerning pharmaceuticals research, pharmaceuticals development and HTA processes procedures available to Finnish patients. The aim is to also develop the patient associations’ capacity to provide patient association statements requested by the Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board (HILA) and collaborate with the Finnish Council for Choices (Palko).

If you are interested in SSP’s international cooperation or EUPATI activities, please contact the Project Manager:

Mirjami Tran Minh, mirjami.tranminh(at), +358 44 240 5649

EUPATI Finland website