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Finland 100 project: Feeling alive and empowered, also at work!

The Cancer and work project offers peer support, encouragement, information, networks and events.

The Cancer and work  project offers peer support, encouragement, information, networks and events.

What challenges can illness cause in occupational life? What are the things employees would have required in terms of  support in when they got sick  or when planned to return to work after treatment? How to word the employment gap in your CV caused by cancer? What good experiences are there to share with others?

A person with cancer may require support in job-hunting, coping at work or returning to work. Returning to work may be difficult, and diverse support may not be available after the completion of cancer treatments. Health care entities are not always able to sufficiently consider the significance of work and the challenges of returning to work in connection with rehabilitation.

The ‘Me, cancer and work ’ project aims to facilitate cancer survivors in returning to work by providing physical, psychological and social support.

The project is carried out in the Uusimaa, Pirkanmaa and Northern Karelia area, but support is also provided online for anyone to participate  (chat, Google Hangouts, etc.). Individual and peer support in group meetings is available  for those in need of support.

At the same time, awareness is increased on the fact that maintaining a cancer survivor’s readiness for work should be considered as an important part of treatment and rehabilitation. In addition, the aim is to further deepen cooperation among  cancer associations and offer information to employment services of the public sector and health care providers.

Information about events is shared via the Association of Cancer Patients in Finland’s and partners’ websites, as well as via social media (e.g. a closed Facebook group, the Benign work (Hyvänlaatuinen työ network).

The project is implemented together with  The Cancer Society of Finland as well as the Cancer Societies of Southern Finland, Pirkanmaa and Northern Karelia. The project is funded by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA).

More information:

How can you participate in activities?

Read blog posts or write in the blog series Terveisiä työelämästä (Greetings from Work)

Closed Facebook group Benign work (Hyvänlaatuinen työ) (for working-aged cancer survivors and their loved ones)

Instagram @hyvanlaatuinentyo

The Association’s LinkedIn page

The Association’s Twitter account

Events and services are free for participants. If you are interested in the project, you wish to participate or you need more information, please contact the coordinators:

Emma Andersson, Advocacy Specialist


Twitter: @AnderssonEmmaFI

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