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Allogeneic stem cell transplantation patient network

The network is a national patient network for adult patients, who have undergone or are going to undergo stem cell transplantation, and their loved ones. The electronic operations of the network is free of charge and it does not involve membership.

Network’s peer discussions on Facebook

Power of peer support, discussions about the illness and its treatment, as well as the emotions and experiences they cause, and small tips for daily life can be found at the network’s closed Facebook discussion group:

How does a closed Facebook group work?

You can register to the group with the Join function, after which the page administrator shall accept you in to the group. After this, you may write and read posts on the group page.

Facebook users who are not members of the group can see the members of the group and their profile images, but they cannot see the discussions carried out in the group or the images that have been imported.