The Association of Cancer Patients in Finland promotes the interests of cancer patients. The aim of the Association is to safeguard the best possible support for cancer patients and their loved ones during treatment and rehabilitation, as well as reduce the adverse effects in society caused by cancer diseases. The Association is a member of the Cancer Association of Finland and part of the Cancer Society of Finland.

In its operations, the Association observes the principle of patient-centred care, which emphasises the patients’ individual needs and opportunities of influence. This principle guides both the promotion of patients’ interests and the development of our services. The promotion of patients’ interests is carried out in cooperation with other cancer associations.

The Association produces reliable information about cancer diseases and their treatment, as well as maintains a comprehensive selection of patient guides. The patient networks provide an opportunity for diverse peer support.

Board of Directors

Half of the members of the Association of Cancer Patients in Finland’s Board of Directors are patient members.

Pirkko Rönkkö, Mikkeli, operates as the chairman of the board of directors and Juha Wirekoski, Kontiolahti, as the deputy chairman.

Other members of the board:

Veikko Hoikkala, Lahti
Marja-Riitta Jaakkola, Imatra (Specialist in Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine, Senior Physician)
Matti Järvinen, Vantaa
Tarja Lindh, Lappeenranta
Riikka-Leena Manninen, Ylöjärvi
Hanna Mäenpää, Tampere, (D. Med., Oncology Specialist, special qualification in palliative medicine)
Kirsi Niinimäki, Helsinki
Susanna Sonninen, Helsinki

The Association of Cancer Patients in Finland’s Board transparently informs its involvement, information can be requested from minna.anttonen(at)syopapotilaat.fi or +358 44 322 8964.