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Contact details

You can contact us via email, telephone or social media. Our office is located in Malmi, Helsinki.

Email addresses 

info(at) – general inquiries

firstname.lastname(at) – staff members

Staff members 

Suomen Syöpäpotilaat ry:n toiminnanjohtaja Minna Anttonen


Minna Anttonen, Executive Director
Tel. +358 44 322 8964




Järjestökoordinaattori Emmi Toivonen

Emmi Toivonen, NGO Coordinator (patient networks, communications)
Tel. +358 44 515 7517




Projektikoordinaattori Emma Andersson


Emma Andersson, Advocacy Specialist
Tel. +358 45 104 5836




Työelämäkoordinaattori Marketta Liljeström


Marketta Liljeström, Coordinator
Tel. +358 45 104 6509




Viestinnän erityisasiantuntija Hannele Peltonen


Hannele Peltonen, Senior Communications Specialist (patient guides)
Tel. +358 44 765 9222



Juhlavuoden koordinaattori Kaisa Häkkänen


Kaisa Häkkänen, Jubilee Coordinator
Tel. +358 41 721 1209






Association’s Facebook page in Finnish

Association’s Facebook page in English

Twitter @syopapotilaat

Street address

Malminkaari 5b (street level)
00700 Helsinki

If you are thinking of visiting our office without an appointment, please call us to make sure we’re available.